How To Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook might be where you connect with friends and customers, but recently the social network introduced a feature that turns it into a place to buy. For years, people have taken to groups to buy and sell things. According to Facebook, that number is over 450 million.

Called Marketplace, the idea is simple. You can easily see what’s for sale in your area, and list your own items to sell. The feature is currently only available on the Facebook app, and you’ll see it next to the notifications icon. It looks something like this:


After clicking on the icon, you should see a screen that looks like this:


Clicking “Change” will let you adjust the location, and if you want to find something specific rather than just a general list of what’s for sale, you can click the “Categories” or “Search” icon at the top of the page.

Unlike Craigslist, Facebook takes its design a bit further. On a product page, you can swipe to see other photos if there are any, and if you scroll to the bottom, you can see the person selling it, as well as how responsive they are. If you’re interested in buying, you can “Make An Offer” or send a private message to the seller.


However, like Craigslist, the arrangements are left in the hands of the buyer and seller. To sell something, make sure you’re on the main Facebook Marketplace page, and tap the box at the top of the screen where it says, “What are you selling?”


First, you’ll need to add photos. The clearer, the better. Next, you’ll add a title. A title can be up to 100 characters long, but it’s best to keep it short and simple. Once you’re done with that, you’ll add the name of the product, write a description, and set a price.

To finish things up, select the right category, and make sure your location is correct. Tap “Post”, and you’re now selling! Since a lot of people also frequent buy and sell Facebook groups, you have the ability to post to the Marketplace and a group at the same time.

For service-based businesses, Facebook Marketplace probably isn’t for you. However, if you sell physical products, it could be a good opportunity.

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